Horse Bridle - B7 - Black Snaffle Anatomical Bridle with Flash Band

$249.99 USD


Introducing the Premium Snaffle Anatomical Bridle with Flash Band and Full Leather Reins. Supple Italian Leather.

Ergonomic design for optimal comfort and ease of function. Bridle has buckles which are located on top of the headpiece and the cheeks with blind buckles.

Anatomically shaped for extra freedom behind the horse's ears. Soft padded headpiece for maximum comfort which help relieve pressure on the sensitive nerve endings.

Elegantly Weaved and Padded Noseband for optimal comfort and good pressure distribution. The buckles on the headpiece allow the bridle to be adjusted as required.

This bridle is made of high-quality supple Italian leather.

Sturdy German Steel optimum quality buckles

Metallic Inserts in browband which presents an elegant look and graciousness.

An excellent choice of the best quality leather and handmade craftmanship. 

Includes full leather nylon reinforced reins without stops.


This snaffle bridle is suitable for English saddles and tack. Hand Made with care by craftsmen, it is the perfect addition to your equestrian collection.