17.5″ Jumping Saddle

$1,849.99 USD

 2023 - 17.5″ Jumping Saddle

 Saddle features a removable gullet tree with 4 different gullet adjustments with wool   flocked panels. The Rider experiences a comfortable seat with soft grippy all Buffalo   leather.


  • Seat Size: measures between 17″ and 17.5″ - Low Cantle with Shallow Seat. Seat design allows the rider stay in a  forward position essential for jumping


  • Shoulder relief panel design enables Saddle to sit comfortably behind the scapula allowing the horse free movement


  • Seat Style: Low Cantle with Shallow Seat


  • Grade A Full Grain Soft Buffalo Leather construction


  • Removable Gullet comes with the Black Medium gullet and offers 4 additional sizes for different Width measurements