Loose Ring Titanium BIT - TITAN Grey

$129.99 USD

TITAN Grey Titanium - Pure Titanium Loose Ring - Mouth(125MM / 4.9") - Metal Thickness (14MM) - Ring Size (65MM)

Natural Matte Grey  All Metal Titanium Mouth with Stainless Steel Rings

Features include a Pure Titanium Durable double-jointed bit for comfort and balance for minimal pressure on the bars with more tongue pressure.

Titanium is a tasteless, extremely light weight material which surpasses stainless steel in strength and exhibits high resistance to corrosion. Titanium horse bits are comfortable for the horse to carry in its mouth, reducing fatigue and discomfort during riding.

The metal provides enhanced warmth in the mouth of the horse and a low molar impact which is suitable for dental health and all weather riding. Titanium bits, when properly designed and fitted, can contribute to better oral health by reducing pressure points and avoiding unnecessary friction.

Titanium horse bits can withstand the pressures exerted during riding and handling, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Titanium is non-toxic, making it safe for use in equestrian equipment. There is no risk of harmful chemicals leaching into the horse's mouth, ensuring the horse's well-being and safety.

Excellent choice for young horses and any horse which is sensitive to metallic taste.